Weather: The map shows how dry the northeast is after the heat wave

New satellite images have shown how dry Britain is as the country bakes into another heat wave this week.

The normally green and grassy nation can be seen baked brown as temperatures have soared and rain has stayed away for the past few weeks.

The image, taken by the EU’s Copernicus satellite, shows the impact of dry weather on the country, with the heatwave expected to continue this weekend.

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Parts of the northeast can be seen baked brown, with the south and east being the worst affected.

Persistent dry conditions, combined with last month’s record heat wave, have depleted rivers, reservoirs and dried out the soil, affecting agriculture, water supplies and wildlife and increasing the risk of wildfires from forest.

The satellite image shows how dry the ground is in the northeast.  Photo: EU, COPERNICUS SENTINEL-3The full map. Photo: EU, COPERNICUS SENTINEL-3

Dry ground and warm temperatures have led to an influx of wildfires over the past few days with shocking scenes including a combine harvester taking to the light in North Yorkshire.

Fire chiefs have warned people to be careful with disposable barbecues, cigarettes and empty glass bottles which can all cause flames to flare up in dry conditions.

A drought is expected to be declared in parts of England on Friday August 12 as temperatures are expected to reach 35C, making the country hotter than parts of the Caribbean.

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It also comes as Yorkshire Water has become the fifth water company in England and Wales to announce a garden hose ban as Britons continue to suffocate in hot, dry conditions.

July was the most disastrous on record for some regions, alongside the driest first half since 1976.

A four-day amber warning for extreme heat from the Met Office is in place for parts of southern England and Wales until Sunday, with warnings of health impacts and travel disruption.

Some took advantage of the warm weather with packed beauty spots and beaches in the northeast yesterday as temperatures remained high.

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Dale D. Schrum