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Europeans experienced extremely cold temperatures in parts of the continent on Thursday. April 2 was one of the coldest April mornings seen in decades in the northern Balkans with a destructive frost ripping through Europe.

The worst of the coldest weather on April 2 was seen in Slovenia, northeastern Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary.

Temperatures dropped to -5.9C in Buzet, Sveti Ivan and Pazin, Kolodvorska in the Istria region of Croatia.

Extremely cold temperatures were also reported in parts of Slovenia.

Iskrba saw temperatures drop to -9.4 ° C while Logatec dropped to -8.6 ° C.

The coldest temperature was recorded in Lapland, where meteorologists recorded temperatures of -20C.

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The weather was forecast to drop even lower overnight.

The most affected areas will be mainly in parts of Central Europe and the Balkans.

On Friday morning March 3, temperatures could reach nearly -5 ° C, potentially dropping lower overnight and causing more frost.

However, the cold will be less extreme than Thursday morning.

A BBC Weather spokesperson said: “There is a lot of dry weather for much of Europe right now, but that is not the whole story.

“We have low pressure, we can see a deep area of ​​low pressure near the Baltic Sea and around it there are quite strong winds.

“There is a trailing weather front that is draped over the central parts of Europe, not a huge amount of wet weather, but certainly some clouds in places.

“There is humid weather towards the southeast, particularly affecting parts of Greece. This is how it looks on Friday.

“If you advance into Saturday night, in fact, the wet weather zone begins to take over more of Greece to parts of Bulgaria to Turkey as well.

“It looks like pretty heavy showers in places here so it will be wet weather here on Saturday.

“To the west of it all, while the winds can sometimes cool off in the Adriatic over the weekend, there is a lot of dry weather, we lost those torrential rains coming from the east of the Spain.

“Heading south and into Portugal expect a lot of cloud and you might see some patchy rain.

“It will be pretty cool for many with some snowfall in the heights of Norway, where we have seen a lot recently.

“While it’s pretty cool for many, Paris and London will heat up, albeit briefly, for the second half of the weekend.

“Berlin will also see a big warm-up in the coming week that looks like spring.”


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