Weather fun: the snow line appears on the weather map for the first time since May

One of the fun things about watching the weather with me here on MLive is following the progression of the seasons. The weather patterns we’re looking at show that the rain-snow line is starting to show up on the maps.

We use a temperature of 32 degrees F, which on maps is shown as zero degrees Celsius, at 5,000 feet to estimate the rain-snow line.

In the following forecast animation, I show you the most accurate model when we look seven to 10 days into the future. The red dotted lines represent temperatures 5,000 feet above 32 degrees. The blue lines are temperatures at 5,000 feet and are below 32 degrees.

Notice near the end of the forecast animation that the blue lines slide south across the top edge of the map.

Line of snow appearing in central Canada in dotted blue lines from August 23 to 26.

The next forecast is just the forecast for those temperatures at 5,000 feet. It’s really easy to see the pocket of cold air starting to slide south over central Canada.


Line of snow appearing in central Canada in the blue shaded area from August 23-26.

Now, admittedly, it will be several more months before entering this level of cold. I can tell you that we can now see the snow temperatures on the map and be able to start tracking the progress of winter as it moves south out of Canada.

Then we get the weather treat called the Michigan winter.

Dale D. Schrum