Weather forecast for Portland, Oregon Thursday, May 25

PORTLAND, Oregon (KOIN) – We have some warm air to work with before returning to the cool side of spring.

Portland and the Willamette Valley will start with clouds on Thursday. There may be a few sunny spells during the day, but I wouldn’t anticipate a lot. The showers first rise on the coast in the morning, to end up crossing the valley in the afternoon and evening.

You should be able to avoid the rain in the early morning. There may be a few prefrontal showers before noon, but they won’t be the main act of the day. Temperatures will be mild, in the mid-upper 50s in the morning. Highs in Portland are expected to hit the 70s.

There will be cells in the afternoon which could produce a few showers and potentially even a parasitic thunderstorm. The storm threat will mainly concern northeastern Oregon, for the Wallowa Mountains, in the second part of the day. If you scroll through the graphic slideshow, you can see the storm threat for the day. There is a slight risk of severe storms in Umatilla and Union counties. This also includes areas of Baker County!

Behind this system on Thursday evening there will be more clouds and scattered showers. We will be cooler before Friday and Memorial Day weekend.

Dale D. Schrum