Weather forecast for Portland, Oregon Thursday, June 30

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Clouds have been moving in and receding over the past few days. It is the marine layer that acts as a curtain on the Willamette Valley sky. Thursday, it will not be as strong as at the beginning of the week.

Expect a few clouds around Portland to start the day. They should begin to dissipate or break up late morning through midday. The earlier the sun shows up to play, the warmer the temperatures. Portland will start in the 50s, jumping to the lower 80s in the afternoon. The wind will be blowing from the northwest around 5 to 10 mph.

This is a typical summer model that people rave about in the Pacific Northwest. It really is the time of year that can make you fall in love with Oregon and Washington.

If the morning sunrise isn’t so great, we should have a fantastic sunset on Thursday. It will be nice outside for an evening at the park or a pleasant walk.

Temperatures will be a bit warmer for central and eastern Oregon. Peaks can even reach the mid-80s east of the Cascades. Expect temperatures in the mid 60’s and probably a few places near 70’s for the Oregon Coast. Sea air will keep clouds out longer, especially for communities in Clatsop County. However, the clouds will be much thinner if they haven’t departed for the Oregon Coast by sunset.

Go ahead and browse the futurcast and day planner in the slideshow below. Have a fantastic Thursday!

Dale D. Schrum