Weather forecast for Portland, Oregon Thursday, July 14

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Clean out your water bottles and prepare them for the upcoming hot days. Temperatures will rise a few more degrees on Thursday.

Portland hovered in the 70s for most of Wednesday, but is expected to peak in the mid-80s late Thursday afternoon. There will still be cool, refreshing air to start your Thursday. Potentially some clouds in the morning around the Columbia River and the Portland metro area. You might want to close the windows and close the curtains to keep the place from getting hot in the afternoon. The sun will be out and these temperatures will start to slip into the least comfortable zone at 3 p.m.

Scroll through the charts below for a visual representation of the forecast.

Note that we again have a wide temperature range in the evening. The Oregon coast will peak in the mid 60s. There will be a northwesterly wind blowing off the coast, which should be quite pleasant.

Temperatures in the valley will be in the mid-80s. This is the time of year when the lower Columbia basin begins to warm. Temperatures can hit triple digits for areas like Hermiston and we can even get some significant heat near Pendleton.

Futurecast will show morning clouds rolling into Clark and Multnomah counties at 8 a.m. In the afternoon, a clear sky with lots of blue is expected. If you go for a walk, protect yourself from the sun!

Have a nice day.

Dale D. Schrum