Weather forecast for Portland, Oregon for Thursday, July 4, 2022

PORTLAND, Oregon (KOIN) – We are breaking the streak of warm, hot summer days before Thursday.

Temperatures will drop below average, albeit for a short distance, to the upper 70s by Thursday afternoon. We are looking at an upper level trough hanging south to the PNW providing some additional clouds and a few spot showers for the coast. The diary shows clouds for Portland for the majority of the morning hours. There will be fewer clouds at noon, with more sunshine in the afternoon.

Expect the highs to peak in the upper 70s as we wrap up the afternoon. The wind will change from southwest to northwest in the evening.

We are unlikely to have any measurable rainfall in the Portland metro area due to this small disturbance. If you want it strong enough, you can get a small amount. We haven’t had more than a trace of rain in 27 days! There is a better chance for some light spotted showers on the Oregon Coast.

Go ahead and scroll through the slideshow below to get the visual predictions around the state as well. You can detect in the weather model that the trough has taken over, bringing cooler air to Washington and British Columbia as well.

Temperatures will also be cooler for central and eastern Oregon today. High temperatures are expected to drop to the mid-80s. This will relieve the very hot temperatures that have blasted locations across the state.

With the arrival of this trough, we could have gusty conditions around the state through the Cascades and east of the mountains. Wildfire conditions continue as we move forward through the month. You can find these updates at KOIN website here.

Have a nice day.

Dale D. Schrum