Weather forecast for Portland, Oregon for Friday, August 19, 2022

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Can you feel the relief in the air? Well, it’s not perfect yet. Temperatures on Friday morning are still about 10° above normal. So, what’s best about Friday’s predictions, you ask? We close the monsoon valve in the Willamette Valley in the afternoon and bring in the lovely northwest breeze.

Coastal weather will remain cloudy and drizzly for the morning. Best beach weather for the weekend.

Take advantage of the temperature change on Friday. We are expecting temperatures in the 80’s with slowly clearing clouds this afternoon.

Do you have plans for the weekend? Prepare to enter warmer temperatures. Higher 80 to 90 possible by Sunday.

Thursday’s low was 73° at PDX! This is the 3rd time for August to have a low high in the 70s. This is also a tie for the 5th hottest morning low on record for PDX.

Dense fog advisory for the coast, from southern Washington to the central Oregon coast, issued by the National Weather Service:


* WHAT...Dense fog and drizzle will reduce visibility to 1 NM or

* WHERE...Coastal waters from Cape Shoalwater WA to Cascade Head
  OR out 10 NM, Coastal waters from Cascade Head to Florence OR
  out 10 NM, Waters from Cape Shoalwater WA to Cascade Head OR
  from 10 to 60 NM and Waters from Cascade Head to Florence OR
  from 10 to 60 NM.

* WHEN...From 5 PM this afternoon to 11 AM PDT Friday.

* IMPACTS...Low visibility will make navigation difficult.


If you must navigate, proceed with caution. Use proper fog
signals. Make sure all running lights are on. Remember to use
your radar and compass.

Dale D. Schrum