Weather forecast for Portland, OR Saturday September 25th

PORTLAND, Oregon (KOIN) – It will be a cold Saturday morning with temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees and mostly clear skies except for scattered fog in the calm wind valleys and on the coast.

Saturday afternoon begins the warm-up with temperatures likely reaching 80 for the high. A light northerly wind picks up until Sunday.

On Sunday, temperatures will be in the low to mid-50s to start the day. A light northeasterly flow will help warm us up. Highs will hit the mid-80s or higher.

Monday is likely to warm up a few degrees, with highs in the upper 80s and ENE flow. Times will remain above 80 through Tuesday.

Probably the top 5 driest September and number 1 hottest September

The next chance of rain starts on Wednesday and the accumulations don’t look that impressive. At this point in the game, September is likely to become the 5th driest month on record unless we get a decent amount of rain to end the month.

As it stands, this September will be the hottest on record in Portland. We still have a week to go until the end of this month, and our above normal trend is likely to keep us in the winner’s circle for warmer temperatures. When we calculate monthly averages, we combine the highs and lows for each day to get the average temperature. This month we had a lot of above normal low temperatures, even on days when the maximum temperature was near or below normal. In other words, we have had hot nights/mornings this month in addition to hot afternoons.

TROPICS: The next US hurricane to make landfall is likely to be Tropical Storm Ian. It is currently on track to hit Florida’s West Coast and Gulf Coast next week.

Dale D. Schrum