Weather forecast for Portland, OR for Tuesday, May 3, 2022

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Like clouds that come and go, the weather is constantly changing in the spring.

We maintain this theme as drier conditions set in after a rainy Monday. On Tuesday you can leave your rain gear behind as you won’t have to deal with the downpours as we saw on Monday morning and afternoon.

Portland and surrounding communities are expected to warm to below 60s on Tuesday afternoon. There will be clouds in the morning in the forecast, and those clouds may take a while to go away – the sooner the better to hit those higher temperatures. Most areas should stick to the lower 60s for the day. The weather will be favorable for your bike ride or your afternoon business.

A ridge of high pressure will begin to lock in the Pacific Northwest throughout the day. This action will result in fewer clouds and wind shifting. This wind shift will cut off some of the land flow, which will help with the clouds. Everything is connected as you can see!

There will likely be a beautiful sunset in the area with some lingering clouds. Since there were only so many dry days in April, a completely dry day here in early May should come as a welcome surprise. You’ll get this from the coast through the valley and into central and eastern Oregon today.

For those of you thinking of heading to the mountains today, it should be a good day. After all the snow on Monday there will be fresh powder to enjoy. There will also be clouds and sun passing over the mountain. The wind will still be a little gusty, with sustained wind around 10-20 mph and gusts pushing to 30 mph.

Have a good Tuesday!

Dale D. Schrum