Weather forecast for Portland, OR for Tuesday, June 14, 2022

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Don’t put away your raincoat yet! We have one last batch of showers early Tuesday morning before we start to see drier weather around Portland.

A light disturbance will pass early, increasing our chance of rain around the Willamette Valley. It will be a wave that will pass through the region, it will start before sunrise and last until noon. Behind this energy lobe, we will see a high pressure building gradually.

This will be short term as conditions are expected to bottom out by the end of the week. In fact, we might have an Omega block in place this weekend, which might put a major model change on hold for a few days.

Browse the slideshow below to see the temperature and conditions in your area. The aforementioned wave of humidity in the morning can be seen in the futurcast below. This will be the wettest time of day, with showers spreading from Willamette Falls west across Gresham and downtown. You can see that the futurecast also shows snowfall on the Cascades early in the morning.

Snow levels will be low enough for more snow on Mount Hood. Snow levels up to about 5,500 feet with a mix of snow and rain. Everything clears up in the afternoon, bringing the sun for the most part. It will start in the northwest and work its way through most of the state by afternoon. There will be a few clouds, but expect it to be the sunniest since last week.

Temperatures are still cool for the day, although a bit warmer than the weekend. Daytime highs are expected to reach the mid-60s in the afternoon. We could have a temperature of 70 degrees leaving the Dalles in the afternoon. It’s about as hot as it should be for the day.

Wednesday and Thursday will be about five degrees warmer, potentially a little warmer.

Have a good Tuesday!

Dale D. Schrum