Weather forecast for Portland, OR and surrounding areas Wednesday, June 8

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — We’re getting closer to the first day of summer, which is less than two weeks away — but Wednesday’s forecast is still going to feel a bit further away from summer.

We will have morning clouds in Portland with a patchy drizzle expected on the Oregon Coast. The weak disturbance that passed through Tuesday evening will keep some clouds in the forecast for at least part of the morning and afternoon. Once this fully dissipates we will be working with a rather temporary high pressure area.

It will be sunnier around central Oregon and into the Eastern Gorge. With this, it will also be warmer east of the Cascades. It’s a fantastic time to go outside, because the heat isn’t too hot yet and it will be dry.

Browse the graphs below to get an idea of ​​the forecast in your area. Temperatures will hold in the 60s for the Oregon Coast into the afternoon. If the clouds hold out long enough, a few points may hit the upper 50s for the day.

The valley will begin to cool near 50 degrees, eventually reaching lows in the mid 70s for the day. There will be a gentle breeze rolling north through the Willamette Valley. That means it will come in from the south, at around 5-10 mph.

Portland is expected to hit the mid-70s in the afternoon. The average temperature for this June period is 73 degrees in Portland, which means it will be a typical late spring day for Portland.

A breeze holds for the gorge in the afternoon. It will blow from the west around Hood River at 10 to 15 mph. There can be gusts to around 20 mph. If you keep heading east you’ll reach The Dalles, which will likely warm up again in the lower 80s. Less cloud at all levels for the central and eastern parts of the state. Have a good Wednesday.

Dale D. Schrum