Weather forecast for Panama City 27-8-2021


Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday, we will be on the east side with some rain and a few thunderstorms from the outer bands of Ida. Best chance to see bands of rain on
Sunday will be in the Florida Panhandle and Southeast Alabama with chances of rain diminishing further east over South Georgia and the Florida Big Bend. Rain bands will start near the coast and
offshore in the morning, then inland throughout the day. Heavy showers are possible in some rain bands given the tropical air mass. In addition, it is still somewhat uncertain whether a localized tornado threat materializes in the outer bands of this Far East. Most of Ida’s local impacts will be
limited to return currents and marine hazards.

The risk of potentially lethal return currents and high waves continues on Sunday along our local beaches with surf heights of 5 to 8 feet possible.

– winds 15-25 G to 30 mainly along the coast. The strongest winds are expected Sunday afternoon as the storm moves south and west.

– Precipitation: 1-3 ″ with higher amounts of thunderstorms – Severe weather: we will see the very outer band of Ida, Sam and Sun maybe Monday. We will be far from the center so the environment will be questionable at best for tornadoes. It’s entirely possible, but it’s not something I expect at this point.

-Surf: DO NOT ENTER THE GULF FROM SATURDAY TO TUESDAY! The swell will peak on Sunday / Sunday evening, the sea could reach 15 ′ and the waves along the coast could reach 9-11 ′ with higher sets. The wind won’t turn offshore until Wednesday, that’s when I expect the surf to return to normal.


Dale D. Schrum

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