Weather forecast for Panama City: 11/17/21

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB-TV). – Dry weather is expected again today as a high pressure ridge moves east, but manages to maintain its control over our weather, giving way to sunshine and warmer conditions. The southerly / southeasterly winds will bring warmer air as well as more humidity which we will see mainly in the form of upper clouds moving throughout the day. Temperatures will reach the mid-1970s on Wednesday afternoon.

As the high pressure moves east, another system will develop west. An area of ​​low pressure will cause a cold front over the southeast on Thursday. A line of precipitation will likely collapse before it reaches Northwest Florida. A few isolated showers are possible ahead and behind, but most of the population will stay dry.

The front, however, will bring cooler air to the rear. Temperatures are expected to hit the 60 mark for highs on Friday, and slowly rebound into the 70s over the weekend. High pressures build up from Friday to Sunday, giving way to more sun and calmer conditions.

Another front crosses the Great South from Monday to Tuesday. This system shows signs of slightly better rain chances and a blast of colder air. Come Tuesday, some places may have a hard time getting out of the 50s for the high afternoon temperatures. Wednesday mornings could also see lows in the 1930s!

11/17/21 – Meteorologist Kristen Kennedy

Dale D. Schrum