Weather forecast for Boston and Massachusetts


“Although the axis of the heaviest rainfall is uncertain, the potential exists for a narrow band of very heavy flooding.”

John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe, Feature

The national weather service is flash flood warning and “very heavy rain” as the remnants of what was Hurricane Ida pass through the region from Wednesday evening to Thursday.

“Although the axis of the heaviest rainfall is uncertain, there is the potential for a narrow band of very heavy flooding,” the service said.

The service predicts that many areas will receive 2-4 inches of rain, while some places could receive up to 6 inches. There could be flash floods, as well as flooding from rivers and streams.

The service issued a flash flood watch for all of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, Wednesday evening through Thursday.

“Excessive rainfall will increase the risk of urban flooding and poor drainage,” the service said.

Here’s what other local forecasters are saying about the potential flooding:

David epstein: ‘Move things that might get wet and check sump pumps’

Jeremy Reiner, 7News: ‘The rain will fade by noon Thursday’

Sarah Wroblewski, WBZ: “The majority will see around 2-4, but some of our high-res models have a slight southerly shift and push the totals to over 6 in places. “

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