UK Weather: Map Reveals Storm Corrie ‘Snow Bomb’ Is Set To Hit Brits In Bitter Polar Blast

UK is set to be beaten by a “snow bomb” as Storm Corrie looms over Europe and Britain ready to strike after Christmas Day, maps from suggest.

A white Christmas might be out of the question this year, however, a final “major” storm of 2021 is set to strike on December 27.

Earlier this month, the country battled storms Arwen and Barra, plunging thousands of people into darkness with power cuts and leaving drivers stranded in the snow, but Britons have since taken advantage of milder temperatures .

After Christmas, the mercury will drop dramatically after the first of five other storms predicted before winter is over, writes The Sun.

Areas of the UK are highlighted in ‘risk of snow’ maps on Netweather

Netweather’s latest weather maps show most of southern England and London, northern Scotland and areas of North and Wales at risk for snow.

The “snow risk” map also details the meteorological front affecting Northern Europe, in particular France, in places like Normandy.

UK Weather Services meteorologist Jim Dale told The Sun: “We expect another major storm this month which will set the trend for the months to come.

Temperatures are expected to plunge into freezing cold two days after Christmas Day
Temperatures are expected to plunge into freezing cold two days after Christmas Day

“We expect five to six storms to strike over the winter period, which could be severe enough to warrant a nomination.”

North West England will have 1cm of snow per hour overnight on Boxing Day.

While the west coast of Wales and Cornwall will be drenched in rain, according to the charts.

This week, however, the weather is singing a different tune and conditions are milder with eruptions of rain dissipating later in the week.

Brits found themselves in chaos of snow last month with two storms
Brits found themselves in chaos of snow last month with two storms

The temperature will be slightly milder and the winds will sometimes pick up.

During the night some parts of the country will have haze and fog.

Right now, hopes of a White Christmas are fading as Britons eagerly await to hear from the BBC and the Met Office for their official report on Christmas Day – and if there’s snow on it.

UK set to be hit by 'snow bomb' days after Christmas Day, <a class=weather reports show” content=””/>
UK set to be hit by ‘snow bomb’ days after Christmas Day, weather reports show

Meteorologists tend to be certain that a White Christmas is possible just days before the big day itself.

The weather this week appears to be similar to the days leading up to Christmas as the Met Office says there will be fog overnight as well as wet and windy spells.

They said: “Remaining generally unstable at first, with the wettest and windiest conditions likely moving further north with drier and brighter spells sometimes developing in the south and southeast.

“Temperatures will likely be milder than at the start of the month, with temperatures near or above normal, although some cold spells are still possible.

“It is likely to become quieter around Christmas and around New Years with an increased likelihood of freezing and overnight fog during clearer periods.”

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