The UK weather map shows when the July heatwave will see temperatures soar near 30C in Yorkshire

Temperatures are set to soar again next week, with the arrival of July to bring plenty of heat across the country, including Yorkshire. A weather map has revealed exactly when the mercury is likely to soar as highs could even hit 30C.

Speaking at the ExpressUK Weather Service lead meteorologist Jim Dale said June will end up feeling a little cooler than it has been weeks before as things are expected to change by the weekend as the temperatures rise for the coming week.

Mr Dale said: ‘Things will improve on Sunday (July 3) and warm again the following week with high temperatures of 30C in south east England based on current trends.’

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Over the next fortnight, an interactive weather forecast map – WX Charts – has highlighted just how hot things are going to get, with two-day highs of up to 30C and several days where the numbers could hover around of the maximum 20.

On Sunday July 3, this indicates that the weather will become much more pleasant with possible highs of 25°C and temperatures expected to reach 20°C in Yorkshire. By Monday, July 4, the southeast is expected to be the warmest and bake to 27C, while the mercury climbs to the mid-twenties further north.

UK set to sizzle in July with temperatures of up to 20 degrees in Yorkshire

By Thursday July 7, temperatures are expected to peak at 30C inland and numbers climb to 28C in the North East of England. According to the map, the highs of 28°C will persist until Friday July 8 also for the northeast. However, temperatures may start to slowly drop during the second weekend of July.

In the Met Office’s long-range forecast for July 2 to July 11, it says: “While the start of the period will see more stable conditions start to settle in the south, they will remain generally unstable in the north , with clouds and rain in the northwest moving south through Saturday, but weakening.

“Scotland and Northern Ireland could experience heavy showers and possibly thunderstorms. Until next week it is likely to remain dry in the south and south-west, while the risk of more unstable conditions persists in the north, with occasional showers and occasionally longer periods of rain.

weather map
Despite a brief cooling period, temperatures will rise again

“Eastern and southern regions are expected to remain dry, but with a low chance of mostly isolated showers at times. Temperatures are expected to be near or slightly below normal in the north but above normal in the south. “

Earlier this month, temperatures topped 32.7C. For the Met Office to officially announce a heat wave, temperatures must remain high, usually around 20 degrees, for at least three days or more.


Dale D. Schrum