The Portland, Oregon weather forecast includes freezing cold and a chance of snowflakes on Monday

We won’t rule out a winter mix in the Portland-area forecast Monday night if the showers stay together past sunset.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Are we nearing our last breath of winter? Not for the mountains, but the Willamette Valley approaches warmer afternoons and has less chance of snow; however, that is not the case this week.

The Portland weather forecast is going to see the coldest temperatures we’ve had since late December. This cold air already has a ticket to the Willamette Valley and it will ride the wind in our backyards by late Monday night. Now is the time to break out the thick jackets, winter gloves and winter hats for the kids. You’ll also want to grab all that winter gear for yourself.


A powerful mass of cold air is moving across the northern Rockies and into the Columbia Basin as we speak. It will hitch a ride with the east wind, heading straight through the gorge, the mountain passes and just over that barrier we call the Cascades. It’s obvious to the eye if you use the slideshow below to see the purple (cold, dry air) coming in from the east. It’s not as obvious at dinner time tonight, but it will be there in the morning. Colder temperatures to the east eventually drop in the Portland metro area.

This type of cold air is exactly what we need for snow. However, the humidity won’t be there to create a snowy scene this time around. By Tuesday evening, temperatures will drop into the low 20s and near the lower 20s by Wednesday morning. There will be places that are in the teens and single digits.

Track the temperature future in the graphs provided below. The temperature will approach freezing by the end of Monday, especially if we have a few lingering showers and pull cold air towards the surface.

We won’t rule out a wintry mix in tonight’s forecast if the showers stay together past sunset. Measurable snow is not in the forecast for Portland, but snowflakes and a mix are.

Temperatures bottom out in the upper 20s on Tuesday morning. Temperatures will be in the teens for Madras and people east of the Cascades. The coldest air will move in Tuesday evening as mentioned above. This is when temperatures will be well below average and we could be on the verge of breaking record lows this week. Tuesday night we are already in our upper twenties for Portland by 8 p.m. We will be dry, cold, and facing the whistling wind. The last time we had a high in the 30s and an overnight temperature in the 20s was January 1 (34 was the afternoon high, 25 was the low).


The east wind is what brings the cold air during the winter. The wind will start to blow in gusts this evening (around 10 p.m.) to rise on Tuesday morning. The wind shift will arrive around dinner, offering us a cool aperitif by tonight. The gorge outlet will keep the Portland metro area spellbound with cold air for at least two days. This means that we have winter temperatures here until Thursday.

By Tuesday morning the wind will be blowing at around 30 mph out of the gorge. We don’t anticipate much stronger wind than the lower 30s for the surface. There will be gusts for the Vista House and all the vulnerable places in the gorge. The easterly wind continues during the day, reaching more places in the central Willamette Valley in the evening. Wednesday will be similar.

Because of the wind chill effect, we’re going to be even colder! Learn more about wind chill here. What you should be prepared for in the Willamette Valley are upper teenage wind chill values ​​by Tuesday morning. Wind chill readings in the lower and potential teens in the low single digits by Wednesday morning.

The best way to combat this is to cover your skin to stay warm. If you must spend time outdoors, you will need gloves and a winter hat for your ears. Improvements will begin to appear on Thursday.

Dale D. Schrum