Take a look at next week’s active weather forecast

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – September can feature some of the best weather of the year with those crisp, cool mornings and warm afternoons. But it can also be a return to bad weather.

Most Sioux Falls residents still vividly remember the tornadoes that struck on the night of September 10, 2019. The pattern that year was certainly more active during the latter part of the season, quite the opposite of This year.

However, we cannot ignore some of the early signals from the weather model early next week, hinting at active weather somewhere in the plains. The biggest feature to watch is this large trough in the northern Rockies, much stronger than any system we’ve seen since the major severe weather events that ceased in early July.

If a decent amount of moisture can be drawn into the model from the Gulf of Mexico, it wouldn’t take much to bring extreme weather to parts of the northern plains.

Remember that we generally expect more severe weather as we transition into fall, so keep an eye out for forecasts in the days ahead. For KELOLAND Weather, I am meteorologist Brian Karstens.

Dale D. Schrum