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According to, stormy weather will focus on north-west London, including Harrow, Finchley and Golders Green. However, data indicates other parts will be affected with circles dealing with parts of east and south-west London.

Romford and parts of Essex including Brentwood will also experience mild stormy weather.

According to the Met Office, today will begin largely cloudy across London with a few persistent showers.

This afternoon, heavy showers will develop which could be “locally strong and stormy”.

Entering this evening, it will be stay mostly dry with clear skies overnight.

Showers will become more persistent early in the morning.

Temperatures will see highs of 16C (60F) and lows of 8C (46F).

A Met Office spokesperson added: “There will still be plenty of downpours to come during this week.

“Monday, Tuesday, widespread, heavy showers, bringing with them hail and thunder.”

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged residents of London to be cautious but “support British businesses” as lockdown rules ease.

He told Sky News: “We have launched the biggest domestic tourism campaign London has ever seen by encouraging Londoners to return to the West End and by encouraging those across the country, who are perhaps a little taken aback not being able to spend their international vacation, ”he told Sky News. don’t worry, all you need is in London. “

Mr Khan added that “this is probably the only spring and summer where you are not competing with international tourists” for reservations for museums, galleries or restaurants.

He continued: “It is important that we of course have a good time, that we stay safe but that we also protect jobs.

“The reality is that one in five Londoners work in hospitality or culture so you can have a safe and good time and also support UK businesses.”

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