St. Pete Pride weather forecast looks stormy at times

Keep an eye on the radar if you have outdoor plans.

TAMPA, Fla – Heading to St. Pete Pride this weekend? You won’t need your rainbow rain gear all day, but keep it handy.

After an unusually dry start to the astrological summer, oppressive Florida humidity and scattered thunderstorms return as early as Friday afternoon, with the chance of rain increasing even more through the weekend.

High pressure and dry air dominated our forecast for most of the week. Temperatures were high, but humidity was abnormally low thanks to a dry flow from the northeast.

And what a welcoming flow it was. This setup leads to relatively pleasant mornings and toasty but not too hot afternoons.

Everything changes on Friday as a cold front approaches the state. This will not bring us a change in cool air mass, but deeper moisture will accumulate in front of this frontal boundary. Increased atmospheric humidity in addition to front lift and instability will bring scattered rains to the Tampa Bay area Saturday and Sunday.

The models allude to storms that hit the coast as early as 10 a.m. Saturday morning. The rain will be abundant at times, but it will be periodic.

There will always be opportunities to get out, but keeping a close eye on the radar will be ideal.

The storms appear to be breaking down late in the evening before another round of scattered to widespread tropical showers form on Sunday afternoon.

With storms, the moist air mass will make the outside incredibly humid. Dew points, a measure of how much moisture is in the air, increase as drier air moves out and we transition to a wetter seasonal pattern this weekend.

This will make the air uncomfortable and even hotter as heat indices climb into the triple digits in some areas.

The only relief we will get from the heat will be a refreshing downpour. Rain-chilled air accompanied by additional cloud cover will keep temperatures below 90 degrees on Sunday.

Dale D. Schrum