Snow at Billings Weather Forecast. Here’s what’s coming.

There will be a high fire risk for Yellowstone County until tomorrow (Tuesday) with high temperatures expected in the ’80s, but a pattern change is occurring in the Billings weather.

According to National Meteorological Service, gusty winds with low humidity and warm temperatures will increase the threat of new fires until Tuesday (10/5), and that’s before temperatures start to drop.

Billings high on Wednesday (10/6) is expected to be near 80 and it could be the last day we will see such hot temperatures this year as a cold front is expected to maintain highs in the 50s and 60s through October . 18, according to the weather channel.

High temperatures will remain in the 1960s from Thursday (10/7), and the National Weather Service predicts that the cold front will bring showers in the mountains from Wednesday evening and extend into the southeastern part of the Montana by Saturday (10/9).

The Weather Channel’s Extended Billings Forecast calls for snowfall of “less than an inch” possible early next week, as well as high temperatures remaining in the 1950s for several days.

According to the current forecast, Billings has a 50 percent chance of rain and snow from next Monday through the night of 11/10, with flurries also possible on Tuesday (12/12) and morning flurries Wednesday (13 / 10).

The National Weather Service also released the regional weather summary for last month (September), and it shows Billings had the second driest September on record. In 2012, only a trace of precipitation was recorded in September, according to the NWS.

The drought condition as of September 30 was severe to extreme, and parts of northeastern and south-central Montana are currently experiencing “exceptional drought”.

A few weeks after the start of October of last year (2020), we had snowfall in Yellowstone County with some areas having accumulated several inches of accumulation.

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