September 8, 6 p.m. Weather forecast update | Archive

This morning’s lows reached 55-63 over the viewing area with today’s highs reaching 79-83.

A few short waves will just pass through tonight and tomorrow afternoon which may bring up a few isolated showers with cumulus clouds in our northeastern counties, otherwise it looks partly cloudy to mostly clear.

Tonight’s lows will drop to 55-60, followed by highs of 76-82 tomorrow with north-northwest winds of 10-20 mph.

Tomorrow evening, with calm winds developing and some scattered shallow fog, lows of 50-56 are expected.

Friday will warm to 78-85 with still LOW HUMIDITY and a light southerly wind developing.

After 56-63 Friday night, Saturday highs are expected to soar to 87-93 with southwest winds of 15-32 mph. The humidity seems low, however.

After 66-70 on Saturday evening with a breeze from the southwest, the winds should ease on Sunday, but it will be wet with highs of 88-94 with heat indices of 91-99. Both days look generally clear.

Monday looks mostly sunny with highs of 90 to 95 with heat indices of 92 to 100 with southwest winds of 20 to 35 mph.

A few isolated thunderstorms are possible Tuesday night and part of Wednesday. Tuesday looks warm, humid and windy with 91-95 with heat indexes 93-100, followed by 82-88 on Wednesday.

Thursday looks dry, cooler and less humid with 79-85 for highs.

September 8, 6 p.m. Weather forecast update

September 8, 6 p.m. Weather forecast update

Both periods from September 11 to September 21 of the 1990s result in large warm temperature anomalies for the northeastern 3/4 of the United States.

September 8, 6 p.m. Weather forecast update

Warmer than normal conditions prevail from early to mid-October.

September 8, 6 p.m. Weather forecast update

The front can become rather ana-frontal where the front undermines storms and then showers and storms tend to occur largely behind it. This configuration tends to decrease the best serious risk.

Areas to watch for tropical storms and hurricanes from September 10 to October 4:

1. South Texas/Northeast Mexico Initially

2. From Florida to the Carolinas and the East Coast

3. Baja California

Date, day Conditions Daily maximum/morning minimum:

84/54…Sep 10, Fri Scattered morning shallow fog, mostly sunny, NOT humid, wind calm becoming S 5-10 mph…. Records: 97-1983

90/61…Sep 11, Sat Mostly sunny, NOT humid, however (dewpoint 55-61), wind SW 15-30 mph…… Records: 96-2013

92/68…Sep 12, Sun Partly cloudy then mostly sunny, wetter dewpoints 63-68, heat index 94, wind SW 10-20 becoming light and choppy….. Records: 98 -1897

92/64…Sep 13, Mon Mainly sunny, dew points 65-70, heat index 96, wind SW 15-30 mph….. Records: 99-1939

93/67…Sep 14, Tue. Become pt. Cloudy, dewpoint 65-70, heat index 98, isolated evening thunderstorms (25%), MARGINAL RISK of strong southwest winds 15-30 mph… Records: 99-1939

85/68…Sept. 15, Wed. Pt.-M. Cloudy, humid, isolated thunderstorms (25%), MARGINAL RISK for severe, E to SE to SW to NE 10 mph ….. Records: 100-1939

84/61….Sept. 16, Thu. Pt.-M. Cloudy, , Less humid, NE to E Wind 5-10 mph….Records: 98-1939

90/68…. Sep 17, Fri Pt. Cloudy to mostly sunny, NOT humid, (dew point 55-61), wind S 5-15 mph….Records: 93-1891

94/72….Sept. 18, Sat Mainly sunny, humid (dewpoint 65-70), heat index 100, wind SW 15-30 mph….. Records: 93-1891

94/73…Sep 19, Sun Mainly sunny, humid, heat index 100, wind SW 20-30 mph… Records: 94-1891

94/75…Sep 20, Mon Partly cloudy, wind SSW 15-30 mph, heat index 102, isolated shower/storm (20%)…Records: 95-1940

88/75… Sep 21, Tue Showers/thunderstorms likely with MARGINAL HAZARD of severe, LIGHT northwest of the area… Records:

71/55…Sept. 22, sea. Partly cloudy, wind NW 15-25 mph.

72/43… Sep 23, Thu Partly cloudy, NNE Wind 10-15 mph.

73/43…Sep 24, Fri Mostly sunny, wind NE 5-15 mph.

78/50…Sept. 25, Sat Partly cloudy, wind S 10-15 mph.

84/65…Sep 26, Sun Partly cloudy, a few showers/thunderstorms, wind SW 15-25 mph.

72/55…Sept. 27, Mon Partly cloudy, NE Wind 5-10 mph.

71/45…Sept. 28, Tue. Sunny, E wind 2-5 mph.

77/46…Sep 29, Wed. Mainly sunny, wind S 10-15 mph.

82/54… September 30, Thu. Mainly sunny, SW winds 10-20 mph.

83/60…Oct. 1, Fri Partly cloudy, SW Wind 10-20 mph.

86/65…Oct. 2, Sat Partly cloudy, SW 15-25 mph.

82/66…Oct. 3, Sun. Mostly cloudy, a few showers/thunderstorms possible, SSW 10-20 mph.

74/57…Oct. 4, Monday, becoming partly cloudy, wind west 10-15 mph.

Dale D. Schrum