September 26, 8:30 p.m. Weather forecast update | Archive

Saturday highs came in at 68-74, while Sunday morning lows fell to 43-53. Today’s highs climbed to 78-84.

A hot week is coming with near record heat on Tuesday and Wednesday!

We probably won’t see maximum temperatures dip below 80 for part of the region until next weekend through next Monday.

It also looks dry this week with low humidity and a breeze causing significant evaporation.

Last week’s rains were therefore extremely heavy. Without that and what little we saw early Saturday morning, we would now be in an official drought over much of the region.

A few rounds of at least scattered showers/thunderstorms are possible Sunday through Monday next week. Otherwise, it is a prevailing dry regime until October.

High/Low this morning… Date, daytime conditions

87/62…Sep 27, Mon Mostly sunny, SW 20-33 mph…Record: 93-1891

87/62…Sep 28, Tue Mainly sunny, SW 5-15 mph…Record: 89-1939

87/57…Sep 29, Wed Mostly sunny, SE 5-10 mph…Record: 90-1905

84/57…Sept. 30, Thu. Mainly sunny, SE 10-15 mph…Record: 96-1953

83/57…Oct. 1, Fri Partly cloudy to mostly sunny, SE 15-25 mph…Record: 92-1897

85/65…Oct. 2, Sat Partly cloudy, SSE to S Wind 15-25 mph…Record: 92-1983

81/67…Oct. 3, Sun. Rather cloudy with a few showers/thunderstorms, S wind from 20 to 35 mph… Record: 90-1922

80/66…Oct. 4, Mon. Mostly cloudy with a few showers/thunderstorms, wind S to W 10-15 mph….90-1954

71/50…Oct. 5, Tue. Partly cloudy, E to NE 10 mph.

70/46…Oct. 6 Wed. Mainly sunny, NE 10-15 mph.

68/42…Oct. 7, Thu. Mainly sunny, wind from the N 5-10 mph.

72/40…Oct. 8, Fri Mostly sunny, wind E 5 mph

78/45…Oct. 9, Sat Mainly sunny, wind SW 15-25 mph

83/60…Oct. 10, Sun. Mainly sunny, wind S 15-30 mph…Record: 88-1938

85/65…Oct. 11, Mon Partly cloudy, SW Wind 20-40 mph…… Record: 86-2010

82/64…Oct. 12, Tue. Mostly cloudy, few showers/thunderstorms, wind southwest 20-30 mph… Record: 87-1930

58/52…Oct. 13, Wed. Mostly cloudy with a few showers, then partly cloudy, winds northwest 15-25 mph.

60/35…Oct. 14, Thu. Mainly sunny, wind from the N 5-10 mph.

66/35…Oct. 15, Fri Mainly sunny, wind SE 5 mph.

74/48…Oct. 16, Sat Partly cloudy, SW Wind 15-25 mph.

80/60…Oct. 17, Sun Partly cloudy, a few late showers and thunderstorms, wind SW 20-35 mph…Record: 86-1938

51/40…Oct. 18, Mon. Mostly cloudy, Wind NW 20-35 mph.

55/30…Oct. 19, Tue. Mainly sunny, wind from the NW 5-10 mph.

58/30…Oct. 20, Wed. Sunny, NE wind 5-10 mph.

63/33…Oct. 21, Thu Sunny, wind S 5-15 mph

72/49…Oct. 22, Fri Mainly sunny, wind SW 20-35 mph

62/53…Oct. 23, Sat Mostly cloudy, NE Wind 10-15 mph

A drier than normal trend will be with us through October and November.

The risk of brush and field fires will increase from October to November.

Below normal October precipitation anomalies will dominate the region. The main track of tropical storms and hurricanes from the western Caribbean to the northeastern United States with above normal precipitation. Areas from Virginia to Maine currently show great potential for a tropical system landing in October.

At the end of October, a landfalling tropical system is possible in Mexico with a system originating in the Bay of Campeche. This precipitation will support above normal precipitation anomalies in parts of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Usually, precipitation really increases in October from western Oregon to Washington.

This year, the main corridor of heavier precipitation in October will tend to run from extreme northwest Washington to British Columbia.

This will extend the drought into a normally wetter time of year in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

After October to November was generally warmer and drier than normal, it still looks like winter will hit suddenly and quite hard in December. I am still aiming for below normal temperatures and above normal precipitation with above normal snowfall in December.

This year we have a better shot at a white Christmas.

We should then suddenly turn mild around New Year’s Eve and the warmer, more humid weather should continue into early January.

Winter is thought to return in late January with colder weather and snow, but from the very end of December to early January there may be little or no snow at all (after a snowy December).

From the end of January to the first half of February, it seems colder and snowier than normal, but the end of February should become pleasant and mild again and thaw again.

March still favors above normal temperatures and precipitation with below normal snowfall.

Dale D. Schrum