Rapid episode of wet snow, valley mix

Latest Storm Tracker forecast from meteorologists Steve Caporizzo, Tim Drawbridge and Rob Lindenmuth

The storm is OVER! Watch out for some foggy patches overnight and slippery spots on untreated pavements and driveways. Here are some of the storm totals from this surprise storm.

Is this now the BEST photo of the day – Bravo!

Now you know why it’s called “Sugar” Snow at this time of year….so many great pictures!

predicted high temperatures will range from the mid 30s in the Adirondacks to the mid and above 40s from points south of Albany….

let’s keep an eye on Saturday…. our Futurecast is part of a series of tips that you are about to discover…. all advice has the storm…. differences in timing and placement…. trends are rain to snow with LOTS of wind….

Futurecast Clouds & Precipitation – Friday night to Saturday

if you are a fan of warmer weather…. Spring and/or Summer…. here’s a telltale sign that we’re turning the corner this Sunday….

Dale D. Schrum