Possible storms, temperatures near 80 on Thursday

PORTLAND, Oregon (KOIN) – We are going to be back to near 80 degrees this Thursday. We’ll have our fair share of cloud – but also sunshine today in Portland.

Temperatures should be in the upper 50s to start the day. There may be a few solar breaks on Thursday morning. Clouds increase around lunchtime and late afternoon. Temperatures can already reach 70 degrees by the time we arrive around noon.

Only from there, as we will see less cloud heading into Thursday afternoon. The clearing will likely come from south to north. Communities that find themselves with more sunshine can see these temperatures push into the 80s by late afternoon.

It will be a delightful day for hanging out in local parks and spending time outdoors.

There will be some areas that may see thunderstorms develop Thursday. It won’t be dry for everyone in the KOIN 6 viewing area. You can browse the slideshow below to see the temperatures and also the future.

You may notice temperatures are going to be in the 80s from Hood River east of Pendleton in the early afternoon. Temperatures are cooler in the evening due to the expectation of showers. Weather data has temperatures in the mid to high 60s for The Dalles at 6pm. This means that the hottest part of the day will be a bit earlier for some of these locations east of the Cascades.

This moisture moves from a southwesterly flow that seeps into the high pressure that moves eastward and breaks down. That, combined with some surface heating and cold air aloft, will bring a series of thunderstorms for central Oregon. The greatest threat to this will be late afternoon. This includes locations in Madras, The Dalles, Pendleton and everyone in between.

You can see the development in the 4pm futurecast chart. There is a very small chance that a storm will cut through the Willamette Valley today. We will charge the rain on Friday as well as the weekend.

Have a good Thursday!

Dale D. Schrum