Portland weather forecast for Thursday, March 10

PORTLAND, Oregon (KOIN) – Have you noticed that sunny days are usually the days when we have frost in the morning? It’s those clear nights that lead to cold mornings and that’s the full story of the weather Thursday in Portland.

Temperatures in the Willamette Valley will be around 25 to 30 degrees under mostly clear skies. Some places can freeze hard before warming up in the morning.

Portland is likely to dip our toes into the upper 20s, dropping below freezing for a while. Expect widespread frost in the Willamette Valley.

I mentioned that it is on sunny days that we see frost. On Thursday you can expect some sunshine in the forecast, with a few more clouds over the mountain.

Browse the forecast areas below to get an idea of ​​the conditions in your area. It’s safe to say that a hot coffee will help you Thursday morning. Temperatures at all levels are going to be cold. If you’re curious about when you can expect our final freeze, you can read a KOIN 6 weather article here.

Bundle up in the morning, live a little lighter in the afternoon. Most of the day will be spent shifting from the 20s to the 40s, but we might get that extra notch in the lower 50s during the peak hours of the day. We have a high pressure ridge setting in that will keep any disturbances from spreading Thursday.

A similar prediction for those of you in the Gorge. Widespread frost is expected in areas like Hood River and nearby communities. The wind is going to be light, eventually picking up from the west at around 5 mph.

Government Camp is going to be quite chilly in the morning, bouncing around 40 degrees in the afternoon. The snow level will jump throughout the day from around 3,000 feet to over 5,000 feet.

Finally, temperatures are expected to jump nearly 20 degrees for central Oregon. After moving into the 30s on Wednesday, the highs should return to the lower 50s. It will be a sunny day for outdoor activities. No rain announced until the weekend.

Dale D. Schrum