Pack four seasons in 24 hours

The latest Storm Tracker forecast from meteorologist Steve Caporizzo.

Here are some of the strongest gusts of wind today… starting at 10 p.m.

Quick update on the rain setting in:

Stormtracker NE Radar 7 p.m.
Rain is spreading over the region at the moment… mostly light to moderate. this is the start of a large area of ​​rain that needs to cross here.

Be prepared….. A wide variety of weather conditions packed in less than 24 hours….. FLOOD WATCH in effect for all rivers/streams or streams with thick ice should be watched carefully for potential for ice jams of ice…. away from warm temperatures that could break up the ice and cause it to move.

All rivers and streams should be monitored.,… But these are some of the places most prone to ice jams and problems.

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY in effect late tonight/early Friday for the Adirondacks. The rain can turn into periods of Fr Rain-Sleet and even wet snow. Coating at 2″….Be careful.

WIND ADVISORY IN EFFECT…..Watch out for stronger winds later in the night from the South….then early Friday – Shifting NNW. Winds can be over 50 mph…..High wind warnings are in effect for southeastern New England

FUTURECAST…….Storm continues just to the west-A band over light to moderate precipitation (1/2-1″, locally….1.5″ Adirondacks)….Cold front blowing early Friday morning with winds….there could be a brief mix in the Adirondacks. Drier and colder wind for Friday afternoon….. Snow Showers and squalls probably Saturday.

TONIGHT: Bec. Windy – A VERY mild night – Rain spreading over all areas… Watch out for ice jams. Weather mostly overnight in the 50s. FRIDAY: Before Dawn-Adirondacks Sleet/Snow Explosion….Windy-Bec. Partly sunny weather (highs will be 7-8am)

7 and 10 day forecast…Rapid warming tonight – Windy and cold weather returning over the weekend. Watch for showers/squalls on Saturday. Chance of rain Tuesday-Mix likely well north. Late next week….chance of snow and ice on Friday…..with colder air.

Dale D. Schrum