Met Office forecast: Storm warning as weather map shows swirling jet stream breaking into UK | Weather | New

This precedes the onset of meteorological fall tomorrow. The Met Office warned: “The meteorological autumn begins tomorrow, and as the season changes so will the weather. A southerly dip in the jet stream will see the low pressure bring heavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds in many places over the weekend.”

Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow warned that the weather will change this weekend, bringing “bands of rain from the west and southwest”.

She warned that Northern Ireland and south-west Scotland would see “heavy and persistent rain”.

It comes after an extremely dry and hot summer, with drought conditions hitting parts of the UK.

Ms Farrow said: “The last day of August and the last day of meteorological summer.

“There is rain in the forecast for Friday and the weekend with the risk of heavy showers, even torrential storms with flooding.

“At this point there is uncertainty as to how the low pressure will swing into the eastern Atlantic and the interactions from mainland Europe.”

The Met Office’s long-term forecast for early September warns of ‘rain or thundery showers’.

It says: “The start of this period should bring areas of heavy cloud and heavy thundery rain or showers in many places.

“Any spell of rain could be longer than recently.

“Some brighter spells are also possible.

“Strong winds are also likely in places, with perhaps a risk of gales.

“Temperatures should be around average but variable, especially under long spells of rain where it can get cooler, or under any sun which will feel warmer.”

Dale D. Schrum