Laura Tobin kicked out of GMB by technical gremlins interrupting the weather


Laura Tobin was forced to leave Good Morning Britain soon after technical issues affected her weather report.

The meteorologist found herself in front of a blank screen as she neared the end of her segment on November 17.

Performing alongside Charlotte Hawkins, before Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid took over, Laura was explaining to viewers that the weather was moving significantly away from single digits across the UK.

Laura Tobin reacts to the darkness of her screen during her weather forecast on GMB

Just as she was about to say the sun would return to our skies, the screen went black:

” And look ! We did it again, Charlotte!

Describing it, she added: “It’s so long ago the weather screen just isn’t happy!”

Pretending not to be convinced, Charlotte said:

“He has just passed away. Are you pushing the right buttons? “

Laura was quick to add, “I am! As soon as I said ‘Sunshine’, it did!”

You can see the moment Laura ended up without her report in the video above.

Later in the series, Piers and Susanna found themselves furious with the producers of GMB, claiming that they were “trying to get rid” of the infamous duo by blowing them up to music.


Dale D. Schrum

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