Kent weather: Map shows snow will hit Kent as Met Office confirms ‘winter showers’

A weather map has emerged showing snow is expected to hit Kent in the early hours of tomorrow morning (April 1). It comes as a cold weather front sweeps across the UK from Scandinavia.

Temperatures dropped today (31 March) in Kent, with towns in the west of the county such as Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells all experiencing sub-zero temperatures overnight.

Forecasters said a cold front of low pressure is to blame for unusually cold weather for the season. It comes just a week after Kent recorded warmer temperatures than Ibiza.

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But as temperatures have since dropped, the latest weather maps from WXCharts show there should be snow in the southeast. This is because the edge of low pressure appears to be over the region in the early morning hours.

Met Office meteorologist Aiden McGivern said: “The past few days have seen a significant trend. A trend away from the sun and temperatures of 20C to arctic air coming from the south across the UK behind a cold front which has brought, in some places, snowfall.

“As it crosses the south of the UK for the start of Thursday, it could even bring light blankets of snow to parts of the south east.
It would be mostly over the hills and could hit places such as the South Downs and the Chilterns, but it wouldn’t last long as the sun will clear it up soon.

“There will be further wintry showers in the east and north until Thursday with a biting north-easterly wind which will be particularly strong on the Kent coast. There is potential for gales over places exposed.

Unfortunately, it looks like we will be waiting for some time before the mercury rises and the mild conditions of last week return. Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, said temperatures are expected to remain low again next week.

He said“I don’t at all expect to see summer temperatures like the ones we just had, up to 20 degrees, next week. We are millions of miles away. British summer time has just started so it looks like it has British winter time.

Prospects for the Southeast


Windy winter showers for many throughout the day. Hail, sleet and brief snow in places. The showers may merge to give longer spells of sleet or snow in Kent. Feeling cold with a strong wind, especially along the Strait of Dover. Maximum temperature 8C.

This evening:

Isolated wintry showers continue through the evening but become mostly dry away from parts of Kent and the far east coast overnight. Cold with widespread frost formation. Minimum temperature -1C.


A brighter but still cool day on Friday. Occasional windy showers continue, particularly along the coast with hail and sleet remaining possible. Maximum temperature 9C.

Outlook from Saturday to Monday:

Bright but with occasional showers throughout the weekend. Windier Monday with chance of rain. Cold everywhere with frosty mornings.

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Dale D. Schrum