Kent Weather: Map shows exactly when Kent is preparing for more continuous sunshine

Kent was inundated with precipitation today (June 4), but sunny spells are expected to return this weekend.

The county experienced a “mini-heat wave” after the May holiday, and despite a rainy weekend, the sun is expected to make a comeback.

So far, June has brought a taste of summer after one of the wettest May on record.

With Friday rain set to give way to the weekend, Kent will once again bask in the sun, as reported by the Mirror.

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Maps from WX Charts have also revealed exactly when Kent will receive more uninterrupted sunshine.

While Saturday and Sunday should be dry throughout the county, Sunday seems like the day we can get back to our lounge chairs.

Map shows UK without rain early Sunday morning

The map shows the UK is expected to be rain free in the early hours of Sunday morning and Kent is expected to bathe in sunshine again.

The county could see temperatures soar into the 1920s on Sunday, which will be welcomed after a day of rain.

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said: “It is cooler and wetter in the southeast on Friday, but everything will be fine elsewhere with some sun left.

“A warm front from the mainland is likely to make things wetter as we start on Friday.

“Large areas of thunderstorms over the nearby mainland and the remnants of them drift north on Friday morning.”

Kent weather latest


A mix of cloud and rain forecast overnight in Kent. The temperature will be cool and fog is also expected.


A dry start to the weekend with heat waves throughout the day.


Thunderstorms are expected for Kent throughout the day. No rain forecast.

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