June arrives with warm temperatures in Portland, OR

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — We’re starting the new month the same way we just ended May — with a warm afternoon.

Temperatures on Wednesday will start in the upper 50s, with highs in Portland expected to reach near 80 degrees.

There will be one obvious difference between Tuesday and Wednesday, and that will be the amount of cloud cover. Wednesday will actually be cloudier than Tuesday, but just as warm. There may be a few places in the Eastern Gorge and Pendleton that actually start the day in the 60s! With the steady stream of clouds expected to move in, the Oregon Coast will be slightly cooler.

How about rain? Will these clouds bring precipitation with them?

With a weak disturbance moving into an area of ​​high pressure, we don’t expect much rain. Weather data predicts some showers in the region Wednesday evening. It’s going to be extremely isolated, and it won’t have much of an impact. Portland should be mostly dry if not completely dry.

We are also expecting broken clouds in the late afternoon and evening, creating blue skies. There may also be clearing over the Oregon Coast in the evening.

If you’re hoping for a completely sunny day for early June, you’ll have to pack that hope for another day. Due to the high pressure which will still be under general weather control, many places are still expected to be around 5 degrees above average. Have a good Wednesday!

Dale D. Schrum