JR’s Wednesday Night Weather Report | Provide

We had no surprises at the weather service on Wednesday. While below average temperatures and a bit of fog started the day, bright sunshine drove the readings well into the 70s for the afternoon. For tonight and tomorrow, Mother Nature just might give us an encore performance. Tonight, with mostly clear skies, light variable winds and a hint of fog in some places, lows early Thursday morning will hover around the 50 degree mark.

As was the case on Wednesday, any fog that forms will dissipate quickly Thursday morning. This will still leave us plenty of sun for the afternoon. More of the same seems likely for Friday too! Thursday highs will be around 80 with light and variable winds throughout the day. On Friday, a light southerly wind will push temperatures into the 80s. Our “normal” high is now 76 degrees.

Saturday is still looking good for now. Bright sunshine should start the day, but clouds will increase throughout the afternoon. At the end of the day, scattered showers will develop. Sunday will bring mostly cloudy surroundings for the day, and scattered showers will be a good bet. On ABC12 News, we’ll let you know how long you’ll need to keep your umbrella handy. -JR

Dale D. Schrum