JR’s Wednesday Night Weather Report | Provide

Wednesday started out dry, but the rains set in for the afternoon. Just before the rain started, temperatures managed to sneak up to nearly 70 degrees. Periods of rain will continue throughout the night. We might end up hearing a rumble of thunder or two just for good measure. As periods of rain continue, winds will blow from the south overnight, so temperatures won’t drop very far. Thursday morning lows will be in the 60s.

You’ll want to keep your umbrella handy for Thursday and Friday too. Periods of rain with a few more rumbles of thunder will be possible again on Thursday. For Friday, mostly cloudy skies will hold and scattered and persistent showers will remain possible throughout the morning. Thursday’s highs will run into the 70s with south-southwesterly winds. Highs will retreat into the 60s on Friday as winds shift briefly to the north.

Aside from Friday, the holiday weekend is looking pretty good. With the return of brighter skies, Saturday’s highs should quickly return to the 70s. Sunday will be partly sunny, although some splashes cannot be ruled out. Readings will likely exceed 80 in some areas. If you don’t hit 80 where you are on Sunday, that’s a done deal for Monday. On ABC12 News, we’ll let you know when the midsummer heat sets in. – J.R.

Dale D. Schrum