JR’s Tuesday Night Weather Report | Forecast

With gray skies for the day, Tuesday’s temperatures didn’t change much from morning to afternoon. As fairly strong south to southwest winds hold overnight, temperatures will continue to slowly rise in central Michigan well into the wee hours of our Wednesday. The approach of a cold front will also support a few additional snowflakes and/or a few raindrops.

We should find some sunshine again on Wednesday as the cold front moves to our east. Strong winds will move in from the northwest, opening the door to our next batch of cold air. Strong cold winds blowing over Lake Michigan are sure to bring showers to our side of the state. This wind will also drop our temperatures throughout the day. Readings in the mid-30s early in the morning will fall into the teens in the evening. Windchill readings will be single digits.

We should see decent sunshine on Thursday and Friday, but that won’t help much. Thursday highs will be in the teens, while Thursday evening lows will flirt with the 0 degree mark in some areas. Friday will be brighter, but temperatures will have to fight to rise above 20. A mid-winter setting will also continue through the weekend. There will be a chance of a few flurries late Saturday as another cold front sweeps across the state. On ABC12 News, we’ll let you know what that means for next week’s temperatures. -JR

Dale D. Schrum