JR’s Thursday Night Weather Report | Provide

Showers and a few thunderstorms were scattered across central Michigan early Thursday morning as a cool front moved through the state. Behind the front, the clouds cleared and westerly winds kicked in. Temperatures held at well above average levels, but were below the record readings we saw on Wednesday. With plenty of starlight overnight, lows will level out in the 60s with some areas creeping into the upper 50s.

Our general conditions will be noticeably more comfortable on Friday as northwesterly winds suck cooler, drier air into the state. With plenty of sunshine expected, highs will be around the 80 degree mark. Readings will drop back into the 70s for Saturday, again with brighter sunshine expected. Temperatures will start around 50 degrees and end in the lower 70s when light northerly winds prevail.

A few showers will return on Sunday, but I don’t expect anything widespread or heavy. All in all, Father’s Day will be quite a cozy and decent day. A few more showers are expected on Monday as a fresh batch of midsummer air takes shape. Monday’s highs will be back in the 80s, while on Tuesday the mercury could climb back into the 90s. We’ll see temperatures for the rest of next week on ABC12 News. -JR

Dale D. Schrum