JR’s Thursday Night Weather Report | Provide

As a cool front moved through lower Michigan on Thursday, scattered showers dotted the landscape for most of the day. Most of central Michigan saw temperatures stay in the 70s with mostly cloudy skies. A few spots in the southern parts of the zone managed to sneak into the lower 80s. A few showers and watering will continue overnight and persist until morning. Early Friday morning temperatures will range from the high 50s in the north to the mid 60s in the south.

Friday will start with good cloud cover and some light and persistent showers or splashes in some places. The trend for the day will be for clearing clouds as the front moves south and east out of the region. As our skies clear up, winds will blow from the north with top speeds of only around 10 mph. It will be a very comfortable day with highs in the mid to upper 70s.

The weekend will be characterized by good sunshine and a warming trend as our winds resume a southerly component. Saturday will see bright sunshine, light southeasterly winds and high temperatures to the very low 80s. Clouds will pick up a bit on Sunday, but we will stay dry. Highs will move into the mid 80’s with south to southwest winds. On ABC12 News, we’ll let you know how long the summer heat will persist next week. -JR

Dale D. Schrum