JR’s Monday Night Weather Report | Provide

The unofficial start to our summer season was definitely summer. Sunshine and south-southwesterly winds combined to push temperatures up throughout the Memorial Day afternoon of the 80s. Some spots topped the 90-degree mark. During the night, a few high level clouds will cause the stars to twinkle a little more than usual. Overnight temperatures will hold well above our average of 51. Early Tuesday morning readings will be mostly in the 60s with some areas remaining in the lower 70s.

Note that with good starlight expected tonight, we may be able to see a whole new meteor shower! They are called the “tau Herculid” meteor showers and they come from the burst of comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann3. Since they are new, it is unclear if this will be a spectacular event or if it will disappoint. Anyway, it will be worth a look (after midnight) since we will have a beautiful sky.

On Tuesday there will be more sunshine and strong southwesterly winds. Temperatures will, once again, hit the 80s, with some points touching 90s. Clouds will rise throughout the afternoon, and by the end of the day we may start to see showers develop. The best chance of a few showers will come Tuesday evening, through Wednesday morning as a cool front moves in. On ABC12 News, we tell you what will happen to our temperatures behind the front. -JR

Dale D. Schrum