JR’s Monday Night Weather Report | Provide

Our work week started gray with lots of clouds in Mid-Michigan. Temperatures for most of the region remained in the high 50s for most of the day. With prevailing southwesterly winds, some of the warmest readings we recorded for the day were up in the northern parts of the region. Lots of cloud will continue to hold for the night, so temperatures won’t drop very quickly, or very far. Early Tuesday morning lows will be in the 40s as rain rolls in from the southwest.

There will be a chance of some wet roads for Tuesday morning driving. The further north you are in the ABC12 viewing area, the better the chance of having dry roads early. Either way, widespread rain is expected across the entire area during the day. A few rumbles of thunder will also be possible. As the rain falls, east to northeast winds will keep some chill in the air for the day. The highest readings will range from the 40s to the lower 50s.

Tuesday will be by far the wettest day of the week. This does not mean, however, that we will have crystal clear skies once the rain has passed. At this point it looks like we will have bright sunshine back for Wednesday afternoon. Clouds will rise again on Thursday, which could bring some more rain to southern parts of the region on Friday. Temperatures for the week will likely be a bit below average, but Tuesday will be the coldest day of the week. We’ll be covering Mother’s Day weekend on ABC12 News. -JR

Dale D. Schrum