JR’s Friday Night Weather Report | Provide

Bright sunshine once again bathed central Michigan on Friday. Comfortable temperatures and light breezes made for a spectacular summer day. Morning temperatures dipped into the 40s in a few places. Afternoon readings were mostly in the 70s. Stars early this evening will give way to more clouds as the night progresses. Early Saturday morning lows will hover around the 50 degree mark to the north, while 50 degree lows are expected elsewhere.

Our best chance of seeing the sun on Saturday will come early in the morning. In general, mostly cloudy conditions are expected for much of the weekend. This will likely drop our temperatures a few degrees. High temperatures on Saturday and Sunday will hover around the 70 degree mark. Showers will develop on Saturday, with spotty showers possible on Sunday as well. Don’t cancel your plans! Although there will be rain, we don’t expect any wash-off.

A few lingering showers and splashes will also be possible early next week, but nothing widespread or heavy is expected. The skies are expected to clear up a bit during the week, so temperatures should warm up a bit. Our “normal” high temperature is now just 80 degrees. On ABC12 News, we’ll let you know how often we get closer to that number next week. -JR

Dale D. Schrum