JR’s Friday Night Weather Report | Forecast

It was certainly nice to see glorious sunshine stand out over mid-Michigan Friday. We needed every drop due to the very cold temperatures we started the day with. In the end, temperatures were below average for the afternoon, but it certainly wasn’t a bad day with all the sun and only light breezes. Overnight, southwesterly winds will increase, as will our cloud cover. Saturday morning temperatures will be in the teens – exactly where they should be.

Saturday’s high temperatures will move easily into the 20s as stronger southwest to west winds prevail for the day. Some of us might see a hint of sunshine early in the morning, but generally we expect quite a bit of cloud cover. As a cold front moves through the state, light snow and snow showers will be a good bet. There won’t be too much buildup, but we’ll probably see enough to make the roads slippery in some places.

Temperatures on Sunday will drop back around the 20 degree mark, with some showers remaining a possibility. We will have a better amount of snow for Monday, so expect travel conditions to deteriorate a bit. Right now it looks like we can see a few centimeters, which will be enough to slow down the move. Behind Monday’s snow, we get another breath of freezing air. On ABC12 News, we’ll let you know how low our temperatures will drop, and we’ll have details on a few “alert days.” -JR

Dale D. Schrum