JR Thursday night weather report

After a frigid start to the day in parts, Thursday turned out to be a beautiful day in Mid-Michigan. With lots of sunshine and light breezes from the southeast, temperatures moved comfortably into the 1970s for the afternoon. The few clouds that did appear have dissipated quickly, so we will again have plenty of starlight left for the night. With winds from the south, temperatures early Friday morning will remain in the 1950s.

Friday will be another great day for most of the ABC12 viewing area. With bright sunshine and southerly winds at the start, temperatures will quickly rise. Readings will cross the ’70s at noon, and the day’s highs are expected to weave into the’ 80s in most areas. As we progress towards the end of the day some clouds will drift into our area from the northwest. By Friday evening, a few showers will be possible as a cool front sets in.

The front on Friday evening will not be raining much, so we should have bright skies by Saturday afternoon. Temperatures, however, will be noticeably cooler as the winds return briefly from the north. Winds will quickly return from the south and southwest on Sunday and Monday, so temperatures will warm up. On ABC12 News, we’ll tell you what level of warming you can expect and how long the warmer air will stay. – JR

Dale D. Schrum

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