JR Monday Night Weather Report | Provide

The sun across Mid-Michigan on Monday pushed temperatures up into the early 20s, up to about 40 degrees by the afternoon. This resulted in a bit of melting from the light snow that we picked up on Saturday. With temperatures dropping well below freezing overnight, a refreeze will occur so a few slippery spots will be possible, particularly on side streets and side roads early Tuesday morning. Sky conditions will vary from mostly to partly cloudy, with some snow showers possible in northern parts of the region.

A little sun will be there again for Tuesday. The brightest skies are expected in the morning on our last day of fall / first day of winter. At the end of the day, some additional snowflakes will be possible, in particular for the northern parts of the area. Wednesday should be a dry day, but it will also be a colder day. Southerly winds on Tuesday will change to northwest Wednesday. High temperatures Wednesday afternoon will range from the upper 20s to the lower 30s.

Thursday will bring us another chance of flurries for the entire ABC12 viewing area. The highs for the day will be between 30 and 30 seconds. If a build-up occurs, it will almost certainly be gone by Christmas Eve. Friday’s highs will move easily into the 1940s with strong southerly winds. It also looks like the southerly wind will bring rain to Lower Michigan. On ABC12 News, we’ll let you know if the rain leaves our area in time for Christmas Day. – JR

Dale D. Schrum