JR Friday Night Weather Report

Temperatures dropped slightly on Friday as good cloud cover persisted in Mid-Michigan. Keeping in mind that our “normal” high temperature is around 60 degrees, our readings only got closer to where they should be for mid-October. The first alert Doppler radar showed pockets of rain for much of the day, and those pockets will continue to come and go through the night as low temperatures settle in the middle, up to 40 degrees higher. .

Clouds and a few showers will persist in the ABC12 observation area on Saturday morning. The further east you are, the better the chances of seeing these showers. We will find a little sun for the day, but the brighter sky will be countered by a fairly strong west-northwest wind. High temperatures for the day will typically fall in the mid-50s, but they likely won’t be as hot. Saturday night lows could reach as low as 30 in some areas.

We will have more sun and less wind on Sunday. High temperatures will rise to around the 60 degree mark, which is exactly where we should be. It looks like we’ll be back in a relatively pleasant setting for the first part of next week. I expect the skies to be bright Monday and Tuesday and the winds will return from the southwest. This will push temperatures back to the 60s on Monday and to the 70s on Tuesday. We’ll be looking at the precipitation probabilities for next week on ABC12 News. – JR

Dale D. Schrum