Indy 500 Weather Forecast

INDIANAPOLIS – After a spell of wet weather, we broke through with the sun to kick off the long weekend! Saturday has been mostly sunny and mild so far with temperatures mostly in the 70s. An area of ​​high pressure to our southwest pushed out any rainy weather ahead of the big day!

Dry weather reigns for the 500!

Indianapolis will avoid any weather issues for another year with dry weather expected throughout Sunday. The high will still be nearby, but to our south-east this time. This will keep the sun in the sky, but will also allow us to warm up more as the flow from the south increases. The afternoon will be windy with highs reaching low 80s across the region. Another cozy evening will follow as we transition into a very summery pattern by the holidays.

Closing of the month of May with a little heat

A strong ridge will begin to build across the Midwest on Sunday and summer weather will take full effect accordingly by Monday. The highs will continue to climb and will be in the mid to high 80s as we begin the new week. Mostly sunny weather will prevail once again, although you may start to feel some humidity. Another windy afternoon will help things feel more refreshing though.

Our pattern remains the same Tuesday and Wednesday as we enter the hottest days of the week. Tuesday will push 90 degrees, although Wednesday could end up a bit cooler than that with storms arriving later in the day. These storms will eventually cool us down again by Thursday and keep things mild through the end of the week.

Dale D. Schrum