How much snow do we get? WTEN Weather Report near Albany, NY

The latest Storm Tracker forecast from meteorologist Steve Caporizzo

UPDATE:….The warm air layer at 4-6,000ft is holding longer than expected….so that ultimately means more of a mixture/ice in many areas south of Glens Falls….north- still mostly heavy snow. We basically moved the snow strip north about 20 miles…and increased the ice in Genne-Columbia and Greene counties.

Here are the updated maps.

It’s cool to see and explains what’s going on tonight.

A wide variety of precip types tonight….I’ve included a sounding – a cross section of the atmosphere over Albany….showing a 4-6000 foot nose of warm air…..All the rest is cold, but this narrow warm layer …is responsible for sleet and freezing rain depending on the thickness….before it was thicker….result-En Rain…Now it’s thinner….so more sleet-at least around Albany.

(The red on the bars represents the thickness of the hot layers)

Latest Surface Maps

Long stretch of arctic front slowly pushing south and east… as moisture from the Gulf of Mexico slides down this front… and the Capital Region is literally right in the middle. More snow in the north…..Rain-ice-snow locally….With more rain then ice in the south.

HIGH storm impacts in all areas from the storm. Mostly snow north of Saratoga…Snow and ice in the Capital Region…And rain to ice to light snow south of Albany. Remember-late tonight…anything wet on the ground WILL FREEZE

Be careful.

TONIGHT: The snow/mix from the north is slowly progressing south… Expect temperatures to drop and everything to freeze over… especially on untreated roads and driveways.

FRIDAY: Periods of snow…..still some AM ice south and east of albany…AM trip will likely be very rough.

7 and 10 day forecasts

After that mess of a storm…another blow of VERY cold air, so no melting for a while.

The good news is…..Next week promises to be calm, with near “normal” temperatures and some melting.

Dale D. Schrum