Hertfordshire Weather: Map shows exactly which areas of Herts could be most affected by flooding

We used a map from the Environment Agency to show you how rivers could flood in vulnerable parts of the county

Climate change could lead to wetter and more unstable conditions across the UK, meaning there is a greater risk of flooding in the months and years to come.

People are encouraged to check their flood risk online and sign up for flood warnings through the Environment Agency.

A map posted on the government website shows areas most prone to flooding, with rivers and canals particularly susceptible to overflowing.

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The darker shades of blue on the map show where flooding is most likely, while the lighter shades of blue suggest there is some risk.

In Hertfordshire the main rivers are the Colne and the Lea, while the Grand Union Canal also runs through the county.

For people living in Flood Zone 3 – the darkest blue areas on the map – you may need to take several steps to protect yourself. More information can be found here.

Below, we’ve rounded up the areas of Herts that are most vulnerable to flooding, according to the Environment Agency map.

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Dale D. Schrum