Here’s the weather forecast for Hardly Strictly Festival at SF’s Golden Gate Park

The Bay Area is catching its breath after the rollercoaster of weather last month, ranging from historic heat waves to unusual rainstorms. So, with Hardly Strictly returning to Golden Gate Park, the question many are asking is, what will the weather be like this weekend?

Temperatures will hit around 60 degrees at Golden Gate Park when the gates open at 11 a.m. Friday. Afternoon highs will then climb into the upper 60s once Allison Russell kicks off Friday’s lineup at 1 p.m.

Aside from some pesky fog west of 25th Avenue, Friday is shaping up to be a comfortable day at the park. But be sure to bundle up, especially if you come from some of our hottest indoor microclimates. The sea breeze is expected to blow 5-10 mph winds, dropping temperatures to 50s after sunset – 6:56 p.m. – across the park.

Festival-goers arriving for the 9 a.m. entry Saturday, may want to consider coming in layers, from flannels to beanies, as morning temperatures start in the 50s. Winds will pick up again around 11 a.m. just at time for AJ Lee and Blue Summit to kick off Saturday’s lineup.

Galeful winds of 10 to 15 mph will dominate most of the afternoon, with afternoon highs only reaching around 64 to 66 degrees. Brr. Luckily, the sun will be out for most of the day, which will help make things a little more comfortable for attendees. Like Friday night, be prepared for the chilly 50s on the way back to the bus stop and some patchy fog if you’re parked west of Sunset Boulevard.


A comfortable weekend is shaping up for the Bay Area, with widespread forecasts for the 60s and 70s on the coast and bays and the 80s inland for Sunday.

Gerry Díaz / Pivotal Weather

Sunday is shaping up to be the coldest day of the weekend, with 50 seconds left to start entry at 9am and winds blowing up to 10-15mph as Alison Brown opens the final day of the festival. On the plus side, skies will be clear, temperatures will hit the mid-60s, and the fall air will be pleasant and cool throughout the afternoon. The winds will gradually ease as the sun sets, so be sure to stick around for Yasmin Williams as temperatures stabilize at a pleasant 60 degrees.

Breakdown of the weekend

• San Francisco: Pockets of fog will cling to the Presidio and along the beaches of Highway 1 each morning before dissipating quickly just after sunrise. Friday is shaping up to be the hottest day of the weekend as sunnier skies and calm winds push temperatures into the 70s in the Sunset and Richmond districts. Sea breezes will whip the city on Saturday morning – look for winds of 10-15mph for most of the weekend. These winds will help bring temperatures back into the 60s for Saturday and Sunday.

Heading east from Sutro Tower, the dry air will help keep the fog concentrated around Twin Peaks and Bernal Heights. Look for mostly sunny skies this afternoon and temperatures in the Castro and downtown to reach the mid-70s on Friday. The sea breeze then picks up on Saturday and Sunday and helps keep afternoon highs at just under 70 degrees for the rest of the weekend.

• Pacific coast and peninsula: Aside from some scattered morning fog in the hills of Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, look for mostly sunny skies all along the Pacific Coast this weekend. Winds will tend towards 15-20 mph along Highway 1 to San Gregorio and Pescadero between 2-6 p.m. These winds will help offset some of the warmer inland temperatures, keeping the coast near the 70 degree mark on Friday. As these cool winds pick up this weekend, look for afternoon highs in the upper 60s on Saturday and low 60s on Sunday.

Heading east off I-280, look for patchy fog along some of the San Mateo County Coast Ranges each morning. It will tend to dissipate just after sunrise as dry air infiltrates the peninsula on Saturday and Sunday. Look for mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 70s on Friday across southern San Francisco and Brisbane. Calm winds will support further warming in San Mateo and Redwood City as temperatures hit the 80-degree mark on Friday. But it will be short-lived. The cool sea breeze will blow 10-15 mph winds past coastal gaps and cool the peninsula by 5-7 degrees Saturday and Sunday. That means Redwood City can aim for the mid-70s on Saturday and Sunday, while South San Francisco will be just under 70 by Sunday.

• North Bay: Scattered morning fog in the Sonoma and Napa Highlands will give way to hazy skies Friday afternoon as some pollutants from the stagnant high pressure system slide over Forestville and Calistoga. Aside from a few pockets of smog along the foothills, residents of most of North Bay can look for mostly sunny skies and light winds Saturday and Sunday. Friday temperatures for Napa, Petaluma and Santa Rosa are expected to reach 90 degrees on Friday before winds of 10 to 15 mph off San Pablo Bay land. These winds will quickly cool the valleys and vineyards of North Bay this weekend, bringing daytime highs to the 80s on Saturday and above the 70s on Sunday.

A 20 to 25 mph afternoon breeze off Bodega and San Pablo bays will see towns like San Rafael and Tiburon move from the upper 70s on Friday to the upper 60s on Saturday and Sunday. Look for a similar temperature pattern along Highway 37 as you head into Vallejo this weekend.

• East Bay: Patches of morning fog on the I-880 corridor from Oakland to Fremont along the East Bay Hills will lift Friday and give way to sunny skies and a comfortable breeze off San Francisco Bay. Expect cooling along the corridor this weekend, with temperatures ranging from 80 degrees Friday to 70 degrees Saturday and Sunday.

Heading east off I-680 toward Antioch, Brentwood, and Walnut Creek, expect a similar 10-degree cooling between Friday and Sunday. Delta breezes will blow through the San Ramon and Livermore valleys on Friday night after today’s highs hit lows in the 90s. Saturday and Sunday will be much cooler as the breeze moves in and makes drop temperatures into the 80s.

• South Bay and Santa Cruz: Sunny skies and a light breeze are expected from San Jose to Palo Alto on Friday. Temperatures will climb rapidly to the upper 80s in the Santa Clara Valley on Friday afternoon until the bay breeze eventually rolls inland. This breeze will cool the valley on Saturday, with highs expected in the upper 70s. Look for more widespread cooling by Sunday as the breeze brings daytime highs back to the mid-70s.

Brief bursts of fog will be possible along Highway 17 around sunrise Friday, while sunny skies will dominate the weekend outlook for the Santa Cruz Mountains. Look for the upper 70s on Friday afternoon before the sea breeze enters the corridor. Winds of 10 to 15 mph and highs closer to 70 degrees will be the main weather features on Saturday and Sunday. This comfortable weather will extend to every corner of Santa Cruz County as a light sea breeze off Highway 1 from Davenport to Capitola keeps the Santa Cruz County coast – and most of northern Bay of Monterey – just above 70 degrees every afternoon.

Gerry Díaz (he/they) is a newsroom weatherman for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] Twitter @geravitywave

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