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Unusually cool weather is expected across California through the July 4 holiday weekend and into next week with three low-pressure systems expected to impact the region, the National Weather Service said.

Below normal temperatures, ocean breezes, coastal fog and light drizzle are all in the game. There is even a chance of rain in the northernmost parts of the state.

“The first low-pressure system is today,” said Drew Peterson, forecaster with the weather service‘s Monterey office. “It’s mostly over the Pacific Northwest. Northern California is just cut by it. There’s a bigger system coming in this weekend, it’s the strongest of the three “That’s the one that could bring drizzle. That’s why it’s going to be cooler. There’s a third one coming next week. That one is also mostly over the Pacific Northwest as well.

The mild weather is expected to continue into next week with warming expected over the July 8 weekend.

This back and forth between hot weather and abnormally cool temperatures is an ongoing trend in California in May and June. Breaks in heat helped slow the state’s progress toward peak wildfire season, though the season accelerated with the Edgewood Wildfire triggering evacuations in San Mateo County last week and the Rices Fire that exploded in Nevada County on Tuesday afternoon.

Below normal temperatures are forecast for San Francisco over the July 4 holiday weekend. This file photo shows flags on the porches of homes in Fort Baker on July 4.

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Fog could impact 4th of July fireworks in Bay Area

Cooler temperatures and fog will dominate the forecast for the San Francisco Bay Area next week.

“Saturday and Sunday mornings we could see a drizzle festival on the coast,” Peterson said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we also had drizzle in some places along the bay, like in Oakland.”

Sunday is expected to be the coldest day of the week in the region, with upper 50s to low 60s along the bay shore, mid to upper 60s along the bay front and high 70s in the interior valleys.

The afternoon highs on Monday, the July 4 holiday, are expected to be 3 to 5 degrees warmer than they were on Sunday.

Fog is likely to blanket the Bay Area Monday evening, particularly along the coast.

“It looks pretty cloudy,” Peterson said. “Because we will have low pressure over the area, cloud ceilings may not be near the surface, this could be sufficient for fireworks. As long as we are at 900 foot ceilings, we maybe we can have If there are fireworks set off by cities, hopefully they can be set off at lower altitudes so they can be seen.

Rain is forecast for far northern California

While the San Francisco Bay Area is unlikely to see any actual rain, parts of far northern California could.

As the low pressure system moves toward the coast on Saturday, a chance of light showers enters the forecast for Shasta County. Along the northern California coast, showers are possible on Saturday and Sunday.

“Some showers will be possible by Saturday afternoon, but the best chance will be Sunday, especially for inland areas.
north of Cape Mendocino,” the Eureka Weather Service office said in its forecast. “Thunderstorm chances increase for northeast of Trinity as the trough deepens on Friday, but the best chance for an isolated thunderstorm will be late Saturday afternoon (but even less more than 20%).”

In the Sierra Nevada, the Tahoe Basin is expected to see mostly sunny skies early in the weekend, with temperatures gradually cooling, said Eric Kurth, forecaster with the weather service’s Sacramento office. Afternoon highs around the lake are expected to range from 71 to 81 on Friday and gradually cool through the weekend, with highs of 66 to 67 on Saturday and 62 to 72 on Sunday.

“It will be quite a change,” Kurth said. “We’ve been above par at Tahoe for a while.”

Even Southern California will experience below normal temperatures

The weather story in Southern California also includes below normal temperatures. Cooling is expected to begin Thursday and continue through the weekend with fog along the coast.

Sunday is also expected to be the coolest day of the week in SoCal, with coastal temperatures in the upper 60s to mid-70s and valley temperatures in the upper 70s to mid-80s.

“These temperatures are 6 to 12 degrees below normal,” the Los Angeles Weather Service office said.

Temperatures will start to climb in southern California on Monday and even more on Tuesday as high pressure over Texas spreads west, the weather service said.

Dale D. Schrum